Byron & Bad Days

Only day three and I don’t know what to write about. And the thing is, knowing what to write about is only half of the battle, if that. Then there is the actual writing of it. The forcing the thoughts into words, the ideas into concrete little lines and squiggles that we’ve assigned meaning to. […]

Henna & The Fear of Being Wrong

There is a quote I am particularly fond of that says “to live a creative life, you must lose the fear of being wrong,” or something like that (irony intended). It is a sentiment I am trying to increasingly incorporate into my life, through this blog (where these entries will eventually live) and through other […]

Sasquatch & Other Scary Things

Most of my early memories have a few common denominators. Normal things like my family, friends, our house in Washington. However, one very abnormal thing looms large in those early memories – Big Foot. From a young age I was a bit of an adrenaline junky. I would beg Dad to tell me scary stories […]

Get Some & The Cocky Johns

*Originally written February 2016* Yesterday I woke up with every intention of going to a career fair at my Alma Mater. And by “every intention” I mean I had sort of thought about maybe dragging myself there and suffering through the small talk and crushing weight of my unknown future. So when Dad found me […]

I Know I Can Get The Job…But Do I Want The Job?

*Originally written summer 2015* Yesterday I quit my job. Again. Well, I suppose both of those statements are a little bit of a stretch. Can you quit a job you technically haven’t started working? It makes the fifth job that I have turned down this summer, after initially expressing affirmative interest in the position. The […]