Lost In Translation

Language is a beautiful thing. I love the way words work and have often found myself stopping to appreciate the way certain sentences are written. Language is also a hard thing. Especially when it comes to speaking a language that isn’t your native tongue. In my lifetime, language barriers have caused instances of misunderstanding, miscommunication, […]

Imposter Syndrome: The Student Edition

Earlier today I met with a few of my old professors to talk to them about letters of recommendation for law school. It went really well, but that didn’t stop me from stressing out about it before hand. It was stressful for me for two reasons. One, I absolutely hate asking people for help. If […]

IKEA-d You Not

I should really stop putting off writing until 11 at night. Because then I am tired and I don’t feel funny. Let me rephrase that. I don’t feel like I can write funny (I may or may not actually feel funny). But my last two posts were super lame so I feel like I owe […]

Self Deals

The biggest problem with making a deal with yourself is that if you don’t follow through with it, the only person you really let down is you. And that when it is 11 at night and you still haven’t written anything but feel like you need to, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. I got […]


Headaches are the worst. I was going to finally write about Holy Envy, especially because I went to “Meet the Muslims” and it was fantastic. But I kind of just want to curl up in the dark and die. Or just sleep. I may have just yelled to Mom from across the hall that she […]

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

The year was 1998. The location South Berwick, Maine. Our little family was going to do something a bit different that year. Instead of making Thanksgiving Dinner, we were going to support the local chapter of VFW and eat with them. Thanksgiving morning, we all piled into our minivan and drove to the VFW. We […]

All The Funny Parts

In case you haven’t figured it out by psychologically analyzing my writing style or word choices or stories I’ve told, I am the youngest child. In many many ways, this is the best thing that has happened to me and I love it. So much so that I legitimately used to have nightmares when I […]


Chef Pronunciation – kef Origin – Romanian Part of speech – Noun Definition – Lack of motivation/desire/energy (a sort of combination of all three). There is no real English equivalent. Use it in a sentence? I was going to write more tonight but then I had no chef and spent an hour coloring instead.

Burn The White Flag

Because I lived in Washington when I was sixteen, I have been driving in the rain about as long as I have been driving. Even though I don’t like driving in the rain, it is something I am relatively comfortable with. Which is good, because I drove in a lot of rain this summer on […]


The sound of rain outside my window at night Toothpaste Waking up in the middle of the night, knowing I have time to fall back asleep Piano music Daily access to clean water Paintings Klimt’s “The Kiss” Woodwick candles that crackle as they burn Community theater The color yellow When I am brave enough to […]